Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 things to know Wednesday

Could door-to-door Postal Service delivery end soon?
First, it was doing away with Saturday delivery. Now, door-to-door service could be coming to an end. In an effort designed to cut costs at the cash-strapped agency by up to $4.5 billion a year, Congressman Darrell Issa, R-CA., is proposing the U.S Postal Service phase out door-to-door delivery and shift service curbside and to neighborhood cluster boxes. The proposal — due for vote by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee — would affect about 37 million residences and businesses.

Don't speed on I-80
A stern warning for travelers on Interstate 80 from California to New Jersey: Don't speed. Troopers in 11 states along I-80 are stepping up enforcement beginning today and lasting through July 31. — which is annually one of the deadliest periods for crashes on that highway.
Marketers want piece of royal baby
If the royal baby could collect royalties from all the marketers welcoming him to the world, he'd be royally rich. Even as British marketers have been going gaga over the royal baby for months, with his birth, a flood of U.S. marketers are suddenly latching on, too, including Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Pizza Hut, Craftsman Tools and Pampers.
Meanwhile, we are still waiting to hear what the royal baby's name will be.
Apple earnings spotlight growth slowdown
The other shoe has dropped at Apple: Growth is cooling. Apple's second quarter ended a decade-long year-over-year profit run, capping an end to an era of dominance with ongoing price pressures. Now, the Silicon Valley gadget maker's third quarter shows a growth slowdown, leaving the company's once-runaway leadership deeply in question. "The longer they go without anything of consequence that is new, the more the pressure is on them to really hit a home run," says Gartner analyst Van Baker.


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