Thursday, July 4, 2013

Body of Colorado senator's brother found on Wyoming hiking route

The body of a hiker found on an obscure hiking trail in Wyoming has been identified as the brother of Colorado Sen. Mark Udall

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The family of Colorado Sen. Mark Udall says searchers looking for his brother in western Wyoming's Wind River Range have found his body.
James "Randy" Udall had left June 20 for a weeklong solo backpacking trip and was due back a week ago.
Sen. Mark Udall's office released a statement from the family Wednesday night saying the 61-year-old's body had been found. The family says that while an autopsy is forthcoming, it appears he died of natural causes.
An aerial search team spotted Udall's body in open terrain. He was found lying on his side, KUSA-TV reported.
The helicopter immediately landed and deployed the two search and rescue members on board.

The mountains are located about 80 miles southeast of Grand Teton National Park. Randy Udall was an avid backpacker and was hiking alone.
He was supposed to exit the area last Wednesday, but never checked in, according to KUSA-TV.
The family says Udall died doing what he loved most: hiking his favorite mountain range in the world.
He had indicated to his wife he planned to head for the scenic Titcomb Basin. His family says it appears he was on the obscure, off-trail route that he had proposed to his family.
"Randy left this earth doing what he loved most: hiking in his most favorite mountain range in the world," the family statement said. "Randy's passing is a reminder to all of us to live every day to its fullest, just as he did."


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